March 07, 2018
By Asher Macdonald
Division of matrimonial property is a major issue for divorcing couples. Each party may have questions about what property qualifies as a divisible asset, what property is exempt from division (which I previously wrote about here) and how to value the assets, and when. In this day and age, these questions can be more complex than you might expect; specifically, I’m talking about cryptocurrency.... read more
March 01, 2018
On May 24, 2017, the Alberta Government introduced Bill 17, the Fair and Family-Friendly Workplaces Act. Bill 17 proposes substantive changes to both the Alberta Employment Standards Code (the “ESC”) and the Labour Relations Code. While some of the amendments came into effect in June 2017, most of the amendments came into effect January 1, 2018. Further amendments were also introduced to the... read more
February 28, 2018
In Family Law, we hear this question a lot. Whether it’s a new job, a new school, proximity to family, or just a change of scenery, many separated parents may find themselves seeking permission to move with their child or children. I’ve seen parents move first and ask permission later, which is not the right approach when seeking to move with a child after a separation. The crux of the issue is... read more
January 10, 2018
By Charlotte Hall, Student-at-Law

Mental injury has become easier to prove in personal injury cases

Our society has been trending toward a view that mental illness is no less important than physical illness, although it has not always been this way. Traditionally, claiming for a mental injury in the law has been tough to do, not only due to social attitudes, but also because there can be challenges in proving a mental... read more
January 01, 2018
In business, insolvency proceedings can be initiated by another company that has become insolvent (the "Debtor Company"). In these situations it is important to be diligent about protecing your financial interests. In this article, Jeff Moroz outlines some of the specific interests that have been addressed in recent insolvency proceedings in Alberta. Matters to keep in mind in Insolvency... read more
December 01, 2017
The new cannabis legislation in Canada will come into effect on July 1, 2018. As part of this law, not only will possession and consumption be legal but individuals will be allowed to grow up to four plants in their personal residence. There have been questions raised within the condominium industry as to the implications the new legislation will have on condominiums. The new legislation raises... read more
November 22, 2017
Stephanie Whyte of our Condomininium Law Group, shares how changes to the Alberta Human Rights Amendment Act impacts the condominium industry. When the Alberta Human Rights Amendment Act, 2017, comes into force on January 1, 2018, “age” will be protected ground under sections 4 and 5 relating to goods, services, accommodations, facilities and tenancy. For Condominium Corporations, the changes... read more
November 20, 2017
Heather Bonnycastle, Q.C., and Laurie Kiedrowski, head of our Condominium Law Group, explain key changes to Condominium industry as a result of recently proclaimed amendments to the Condominium Property Act. The Government has labelled the new regulations as "Stage One Buyer Protection Regulations" and pertains primarily, to Developers and new condominium purchases.  ACT PARTIALLY PASSED The... read more
November 13, 2017
A “mulligan” is a term used in golf. When a player hits a bad shot and wants to try again, the player asks his playing partners for a mulligan and if allowed, tees the ball up again for another go. As lawyers dealing with many deceased estates, we often see files where the deceased might want a mulligan if they could tee things up again. What are we seeing a lot of these days? People still die... read more
September 14, 2017
By Brent Cooper

Verbal Contracts: How do they stand up in the Court of Law?

“A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's written on.” - Samuel Goldwyn, Movie Producer In preparation for a litigation case, I found myself recently thinking of this quote. There is a common misconception that you cannot have a contract unless it is in writing. Generally speaking, that’s not true; verbal agreements can be... read more